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Jay Black

Jan 8, 2006
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Portsmouth, VA
Its so funny seeing people who had no confidence in this team at the beginning of the year

saying whats wrong with our team
There are a lot of games left this season. No need to freak out just yet. Although this was a pretty sorry game today for the Saints. I hope the Saints can keep thier eyes on the prize. But until they stop turning over the ball 4-5 times a game they aren't going to go very far.
We've already doubled our win total from last year, and we're going to win some more. Take a valium and come back tomorrow.
Its so funny seeing people who had no confidence in this team at the beginning of the year

saying whats wrong with our team

They played better than expected early and raised people's expectations. Now, the defensive warts are starting to show and we are retruning back to the turnover prone offense that gets 400 yards a game but makes too may mistakes to win games.

It's been awhile since I've been this down after a game. Baltimore I thought was a fluke and though I was ****** last week; we did lose to the defending Super Bowl Champs.

But the Bengals? I team who was reading their clippings from last year and thinking that would get them wins? A team that couldn't handle their success?

I can't stomach losing to this bunch a undisciplined goons.

Man, I'm friggin depressed
I'm with you, coach payton has yall spoiled, he has done alot with not alot of talent outside of (Brees, Duece, Reggie and put in Colston) on defense were not dominate and cant cause turnovers, some of those players wont be on this team next year, 9-7 or 10-6 is the best we can expect out of this core of players specially in the first year of a new regime sure 7-3 would of been nice, but 6-4 coming into this season I dont think anybody would of complained about....but I understand peoples frustration specially when you witness it, the Turnovers are kiling us, but we continue to do it, were pass happy, but when it works for us we dont complain, but when we lose its HORIIBLE play calling by payton.
I know everyone should stay positive, but good grief! Today I think we should have total access to complaints and gripes. WE SUCKED TODAY!
I hope you got your apology to the mods ready, 'cos they don't look too kindly on threads started for the purpose of calling out others :shrug:
This team is gonna be great for years to come. We're young and our talent level is not there yet but when it doesgets there , because it will,... Perennial superbowl contender. Book it.

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