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Sep 1, 1997
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a few years back, but it went like this... and sometimes.. It's just this way...


Me: How Much for the Jeep?

Salesguy: $5,000, where do you work at?

Me: I Work at the Strip Club as a DJ. Have you had this Jeep Long?

Salesguy: Really, How long you been doing that?

Me: About 25 years, Where's you get the Jeep from?

Salesguy: Where you working at?

Me: Fancy's now, before that the Blue Moon, Double D's, I been all over. Does this Jeep have the 4 cylinder or the 6?

Salesguy: I been to all those places, used to love hanging out at the Blue Moon,. There was this girl that used to work there, what was her name?

Me: I don;t know, is this an Automatic or Manual?

Salesguy: Do the girls really give good lap dances there?

Me: I am sure that they do, do you have Financing?

Salesguy:How many girls are working over there?

Me: A Few, How many miles are on this Jeep?

Salesguy: Will the girls meet you after hours if you ask them?

Me: I don;t know, Does the Jeep have a Warranty?

Salesguy: I need to go over there and hangout, do the girls like to party?

Me: I am sure they do, If I gave you $500 down, would you finance the rest?

Salesguy:I hear all the girls are Bi-Sexual, Is that true?

Me: I am sure that some are. Is this the original top?

Salesguy: Are the girls Single or do they have boyfriends?

Me: It's about 50/50, Where did you guys get the Jeep From?

Salesguy: Do the girls have to be trained or do they just come in and dance?

Me: They just walk in and dance. How Many miles are on this Jeep?

Salesguy: Do two girls ever dance at the same time?

Me: Sometimes they do yes. Does the Air Conditioning work on the Jeep?

Salesguy: I know there was this one girl that worked over there, you had to know her, she had Blonde hair.

Me: Think I could take the Jeep for a test drive?

Salesguy: If I went over there, do you think that you could hook me up with a girl that wanted to do more than dance?

Me: Ok Thanks.. I'll talk to you later.

Salesguy: What? Your not gonna buy this Jeep, It's a good Jeep.

Me: No, I just don;t think it's the right Jeep for me.

Salesguy: Well why not? What's the Matter? Why don;t you want to buy it?

Me: I just don't think it's the Jeep for me, I'll just keep looking. Thank You.

Salesguy: Well I wish that you had told me that before I spent all my time showing you this Jeep. I guess I just wasted my time, you didn;t want a jeep after all.

Me: Later Dude.


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Aug 3, 2011
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Joe you should have told him you would give him $1000 for the jeep plus waive the door charge for his next visit then write on a sheet of paper "good for one free lap dance" then resell the jeep for $5000 to someone else .


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Dec 5, 2006
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Round Rock, TX
A $5,000 Jeep? If it was a Wrangler, it was either in rough shape, >200k miles, or it was a standard edition YJ, eh? Maybe a stock CJ in need of work?

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