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What would Andy Dalton do in our offense? Could he be Brees successor? I think he's legit but has been in Cincy. Would love to hear what the board thinks. I'd rather Dalton over Winston.

I like Dalton. He's had good years with talent around him. I'd feel more comfortable with Dalton in this offense today. Winston has the upside I think though.
In terms of character, Dalton's would have been the one I'd bet seeing in black and gold over Winston's. Then again, and I'm not sure this has been mentioned in the Winston threads on here, but Belichick has sure turned bad (or at least sour) apples into good ones during his time (Dillon, Moss, would've been Brown, too, but the kitchen got too hot even for Belichick). We shall see whether Payton is successful trying his hand at this trick.
When you head to the store, you can only walk out with what's already on the shelves.

Winston is both available and cheap.

Dalton is neither.

Simple result, we sign Winston now. Check back in a year's time and we'll see where these two are at.
It would take something bad to happen for either to see the field this year so I don’t even think about it. I feel like both are qualified to hold clipboards and stir Gatorade so whatever lol
I think he’d be a great bridge qb bt brees and TH or a rookie, but it would have required us to trade a high draft pick to get him

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