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May 26, 2007
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Watching ESPN First Take, Derrick Brooks mentioned that Darren Sharper was his midseason DPOY. Brooks and Lomas Brown then went on to say why they thought he was the DPOY, and it got me thinking. Here are a few quick facts that I put together. It's amazing what Sharper has done this year seeing these.

Sharper has more INTs than 7 starting QBs have TD passes, including Jake Delhomme.

His 7 INTs are just as many turnovers as the entire Redskins defense has forced for the season.

Sharper's 7 INTs are more than 18 entire teams have picks, including the Falcons, Broncos, Vikings, and Steelers.

He has more INT return yards by himself (317) than every other team in the league. The only teams within a hundred yards of him are the Bills with 228, and the Packers with 217.

Sharper's 3 defensive TDs are more than 30 other teams, and just as many as the 49ers have scored on defense.

Forget DPOY, with numbers like these, he should be the MVP! If he can keep this up, it will easily be one of the best seasons in history for a defensive back, and will cement him as a HOF'er.
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