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Dec 8, 2003
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Apparently there's a family from Germany who applied for, and was granted, political asylum in the US because they want to homeschool their kids, which is against German law:

Homeschooling: German Family Gets Political Asylum in U.S. - TIME

But wait, there's more.

The US DOJ has appealed the decision in an attempt to deport the family back to Germany.

Homeschooling Not a Fundamental Right, Justice Dept. Argues

Now, personally, I don't have an issue with either homeschooling or immigrants. I'm not a fan of homeschooling, but I do believe every parent is entitled to the right to choose what's best for their kids. And I also think our immigration policy is fundamentally flawed and needs to be reformed.

But I don't think mandatory public/private schooling is reason enough for political asylum to let this family jump the immigration line to get to this country.

What say you?

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