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Oct 9, 2004
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Los Angeles
Did anyone notice that Andre Gurode ripped Remi Ayodele's helmet from his head by the face mask on that last Cowboys TD that they had to convert on 4th down? It was THE KEY BLOCK on that play, too. As I stated once already, I'm convinced that the fix was in. The refs were terrible in that game. That's two Cowboys TD's that were aided by horrible non-calls by the refs.
we could have made a entire forum if we made a thread for each blown call in that game. Maybe its the homer inside of me. But there were calls they were ALWAYS making for Dallas and not our Saints imo. I could be paranoid though...hmmm
He didn't just rip it off. He threw it across the endzone.

Unbelievable that there was no flag. Actually, it's totally believable after seeing the missed calls in that game.
It makes me wonder if Jerry Jones still had to pay refs since they blew the game and we snuck out a win anyway.
The refs seemed pretty miserable. But, Hanlon's Razor . . .
I usually don't complain much about the Refs - bad calls are par for for the course. I've watched enough football to know good teams get the breaks. I saw Jerry Rice stupidly spike the ball on the five against the Saints and it still being called a TD. So you'd think the 7-3 would get a few favorable, this game was incredibly one sided toward the 3-7 team. Somehow when the 'Boys needed calls to keep them in the game they magically got them.
Hands to the face at the end of the 1st half. Replay showed Will Smith nearly got his helmet taken off by the facemask on the same play. Penalty resulted in 3 points. Witten's hold on the Austin td run was 7 points. Add that to this penalty, that is 17 points. Yet we still won. 8-3 Saints, 3-8 Pukes. I love it!!
Not to mention the false start in the 1st half.
Some how the refs were batting a blind eye to that 1.
You do realize it is better for the NFL if the cowboys come back this year. The ref's tend to favor big market teams. I'm convinced it's not an accident. Not a great conspiracy, but I think they lean in the direction the NFL wants them to giving a small edge to big Market teams. In the NFL a small edge is enough to change a 7-9 season into a 10 - 6 season. How else can you explain Michael Irving not getting flagged on every play. There were times he didn't push off but they were the exception, yet he rarely got flagged. That is the kind of thing I am talking about. The Atlanta guy is getting it this year, the push off unseen award.


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