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Sep 23, 1997
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Deep in the bowels of a hidden bunker, somewhere u
Here's what it will take to "eliminate" the other teams from taking the division from us...

Tampa Bay (3-8) :

Saints win at least one more game and the Bucs are out. If we ended up tied for the division, we win the head-head against Tampa Bay.

Atlanta (5-6) :

The BEST that the Falcons can finish is 10-6 if they run the table (not happening). In order to make sure we finish ahead of them, we need to win 3 of 5 to match their record and beat them out on head-head.

Carolina (6-5) :

1) Finish with no more than 2 losses in the next four games than the Panthers do (ie 2-2 vs. 4-0) and then beat the Panthers in the season finale. We end up tied and beat them based on a better divisional record.

2) Win at least one more game than the Panthers over the next four games. That happens and we could rest everyone (unless playing for a BYE) in the season finale because we would have already clinched.

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