Any way to watch the game on delay at 7 pm? (1 Viewer)

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Mar 24, 2002
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I have to work all day and I would like to stay ignorant of the score until I can sit down and watch the game at 7 pm. The only problem, I dont have directv and its not playing on my local television station so i cannot DVR the game. Is there anyone who is taping an electronic stream that I could watch when I get home from work? Could I get to this stream without getting on (so the outcome of the game isn't ruined)? Let me know if anyone has suggestions or can help.
You could check this out:

I'm not sure how fast they get the replays up there tho'.. I usually watch them during the week. Video quality is outstanding! If you do go this route, make a shortcut to the login screen.. that way you won't see any scores beforehand.

You're probably not gonna find a torrent of the game until way later that night or on monday.. and while searching for the torrent on this site, I guarantee you're gonna see a final score or a spoiler comment :covri:

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