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Oct 28, 2006
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now looking at the niners game as a hard game?:dunno:
Heck yea, Gore looks really good. Vernon Davis is going to be healthy also. I hope we don't look past them.
yep..but its a game that we need to win , considering the rest of the sched..they are pretty good but not as good as the rest...except for washington
They could easily be 6-5 when they play us. They have gone 4-2 in their last 6 games. Sure, with the exception of Seattle their competition has not been upper tier, but still they are all NFL teams. And they still managed to win.

I'm not worried, but they are no longer a bad team.
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Yea I'm happy for all the new head coaches and what they are doing with their teams. I like what Mangini is doing with the Jets.
The 49ers are a young team. I think they were probably experiencing some growing pains at the beginning of the year and now it looks like they are getting it together. They can be a dangerous team.
Brees should have Colston back and healthy. He will probably light the 9ers up for some big yards. Saints, in a good game.
The 49'ers look okay. Gore has been playing very well. I just hope we avoid any more injuries.
The 49ers are playing better, but if we lost to them we'd have no argument to be in the playoffs.
Their wide receiver, Antonio Bryant, just got arrested for a DUI. I don't know if he will be suspended because I don't know if this is his first offense or not but if he is out for a while, that could slow them down a bit.
Looks like a very important game.

The NFC South and NFC East teams (the 2 best NFC conferences) all play each other, and are completely beating each other up this year - there might be a lot of 9-7s and 8-8s among these teams.

The NFC North and West play each other as well. SF is left with a pretty patsy schedule (except for us of course) and can really run the table otherwise. We HAVE to beat them, because we very possibly might be tied with them at the end of the year.
We will crush the 49'ers. The players may not understand it, but they will feel it - everyone in the Dome will go into an instictive catatonic roar. IMHO, Defense and special teams come up big.

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