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Apr 28, 1999
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Mesa, AZ
What do you have? You you like it? Use it often? What do you wish was better?

I am looking at getting one. I have been traveling a lot lately and I am getting tired of lugging my laptop around. I use it mostly for email and creating/editing the occasional spreadsheet and some word processing. I can access my email via the web with OWA and I have become a frequent user of Google Docs which is how I would accomplish the same tasks with a device limited in productivity software.

I have looked at the Touch, but I just don't find it to be worth half the price that Apple charges. The Nokia N800 looks pretty sharp, but I haven't found a good size comparison. The Nokia N810 also looks very nice and adds internal GPS and a small keyboard to what is a sleeker version of the N800. Sony has a very feature-rich UMPC, but they want $2400 for it. I like to purchase products from companies who regularly drug test their employees and that price tells me that someone is high over there.

Anyone else have any personal recommendations? I can alwasy read CNet later...
Oct 28, 2007
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The EeePC is a toy

I have a 12.1" HP TabletPC and it seems to be the smallest I could go to do any type of productive work. Has a C2D 1.8GHz, 1GB RAM, etc. while being faily small.

If you want something really small, why not get a PPC from your cellphone provider? The HTC PPC-6800 is really nice and it comes with Mobile Office.

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