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Dec 17, 2003
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I just caught some of the Panthers/Birds game in Atlanta and the Falcons are using there old-school uniforms and the old red-and black falcon logo today. I have nothing but mere contempt for the Turds, but I hope they use the old-school helmets more in the future because the unis they've been wearing since 2003 are hideous and an outright travesty to good designing.

Changing a teams uniform can be good, if it'd done the right way, but they didn't even come close with that crap they come up with.

I hope if we decide make a slight adjustment to our color scheme, we avoid turning it into a monstrosity.

And BTW,please let's ditch the black leotard pants. We're an NFL team, not paid ballerinas tipping gracefully on our toes. I'm not against operas, plays, or musical features per say, I just feel its look bad on the football field and we need a kick *** attitude to go along with this team we have now. Sometimes clever marketing can blow back in one face.

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