are they really letting him wear a brooks jersey? (1 Viewer)

Yes.. I was just about to post this....

But hey, we had a mascot and a fan, so that was 2 on the float....

I couldn;t believe it either, but it must have been a last minute,,, "Hey, I want to wear a Saints jersey." "Ok Kid, I'll look in the closet and see what I have,"

Least we saw a Thanksgiving day Bandwagon roll by. ;)

Anyone notice the rather large Reggie Bush picture this morning during the Macy's parade? It was seen in most of the backdrop shots.
someone please explain. WHO was wearing a brooks jersey? in the parade? with a mascot? why? in the crowd? (uh. why?) and why would a reggie pic be in background shots of the parade? were they ads for one of his products? i am filling my stupid questions quota for the year in one fell swoop.
this kid on the nfl float was weraing a brooks jersey. they had a kid from every team wearing their teams jersey but for the saints kid, it was a brooks jersey. i dont know why, maybe he cant afford a new one. there was an ad for reggies yard by yard rebuilding new orleans pepsi thing in times square up on one of the buildings and when they showed some of the floats it was in the background. hope this answers your questions.
thank you. i can sleep peacefully now. all i can say is, someone in that parade has a bizarre sense of humor, if the brooks jersey thing was intentional, and not out of necessity. or they have no clue about football. i go with no clue.
haha I saw a boy at the Bengals game who had rigged his Brooks jersey...

he put a #1 in front of the 2 with masking tape, then covered the name and wrote Colston. :)
At this point, not even Brooks should be wearing a Brooks jersey.

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