Are you ready to move on from Drew Brees? (1 Viewer)

Are you ready to move on from Drew Brees?

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Not no but hell no.

If he was showing his age and not able to play at a high level anymore it would be different. I don't picture him riding off into an average sunset carrying a horse, it should be the other way around.
I'm not ready to move on, but I AM tired of having to keep worrying about how much time Drew has left with us. It's kind of exhausting, and I think I'm at the point where I'm fine with whatever decision he decides to make.
I really really believe in moneyball at the QB position.

Love Drew but I think our window extends greatly if we find a exceptional rookie QB on cap friendly rookie contract or get a modest veteran contract. Being able to surround a cheaper paid QB with talent has always been the winning formula. Brees Wilson Rodgers Foles/Wentz Flacco Eli all won on cheap deals, once their cap hits shot up, they haven’t won another title.

When the QB deal is cheaper, you can stack the defense and skill positions to where the QB dropoff is manageable. Imagine spreading 25+ mill around to several positions instead of being tied to just the QB. It’s the main reason teams like the Chiefs Ravens Texans are having so much success, just have to hit on the QB, which Payton can do.

of course I welcome him back but I think we could field a better overall team when he leaves. Hitting on draft picks has helped us greatly in the meantime
The Saints entire offensive line was an unmitigated disaster against the Vikings, yet Brees is the one getting roasted by the "fans". Really says a lot about some people's football IQ when Brees is getting killed on 3 step drops but "he can't throw the deep ball anymore."

Don't preach football IQ when you're wrong. Blame towards the offensive line could be pointed at the first quarter for sure, but there were plenty of adjustments made after that and Brees still struggled mightily. Your argument only gets weaker when anyone could see that OLine was running the ball fine and even gave Taysom a damn millennium to throw a bomb.
I am. So thankful for for him. He’s an amazing QB and an amazing man, but imo it’s time. Tired of the dink and dunk and he’s faded the last two seasons, and not looked good at all in our playoff losses imo. It’s not his fault, it’s Father Time.

If we do keep him we better upgrade our O line and get a better D.
The Saints entire offensive line was an unmitigated disaster against the Vikings, yet Brees is the one getting roasted by the "fans". Really says a lot about some people's football IQ when Brees is getting killed on 3 step drops but "he can't throw the deep ball anymore."
It was mostly one weak link on the OL and the people who decided to use that particular player and leave him in the game.
I think we move on from Brees because I think Drew moves on, meaning he retires. I’m not saying that’s good and I love Drew and we will miss him. But just from various clues, I don’t think Brees comes back but decides to retire. Brees hasn’t talked about how he really wants to come back and is all in on a new contract. He says he will take a month to decide and that he even says he may or may not come back. He has said that he will either be a Saint or retire, so that gives up any re-signing leverage he might have. Russell Wilson giving up the starting spot in the Pro Bowl to Brees with Wilson thinking this might be Brees’s last football game. Did Brees say something to him? Brees has been on national TV a lot recently – Undercover Boss and Brain Games – which is giving networks, Drew, and the U.S. a look at how he handles and does on national TV. In Brain Games, they asked him about how he would like to have certain abilities and he didn’t say he needed them for being a QB but to stand up to his children. He has plenty of non-football businesses that probably need his attention, Jimmy Johns and Untuckit, to name a few. Then along with his age, the $21 million dead money we owe him along with the money demands of a new contract, with Taysom waiting in the wings needing to play and with the Saints probably offering him less playing time next season and then less money because of that, I just think Drew is planning on retiring. I hope I’m wrong, but for me, the clues seem to be moving in that direction.
Love Brees, but honestly I'm ready to see what the next chapter will be.

I just don't trust a Payton/Brees offense in the playoffs based on our last 3 exits. Even in our wins the offense wasn't great.

I'm ready to eat his dead money hit, play Teddy/taysom and see what the next 10 years will look like
I know this is unpopular, but Brees has been fading at the end of the seasons now for the last couple of years. He still has those moments, but his moments are getting fewer and further between. The offense seems to have changed also. Instead of going for a kill, it seems it has become more about safety and control. Everyone is blaming the line, but Brees has become immobile and hasn’t been working down the route tree routinely trying to extend defenses and keep them off balance. Now it’s about short passing and high percentage. If they can do that and win, they do, but when teams roll things up and challenge the offense it cannot respond.

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