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Jan 20, 2010
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Central Ohio
Rasafracker......that missed field goal against Atlanta keeps looking more and more important to me. Was thinking about that the other night watching the Dallas game. That field goal just keeps having more and more impact on where we are in the divisional standings. It's the nightmare that refuses to go away.
It's also leading up to a HUGE HUGE game against the crows on a Monday night in late december. I remember the last huge Monday night game against them. Still remember the headline on Tue. "Saints embarass the Falcons." I hung that headline up on the board at work for my buddy who's a Falcon fan. :ezbill:
maybe that missed kick against atlanta, is the mysterious workings of the nfl to make the saints run at the superbowl more dramatic, and heartwarming if we have to play atlanta in the nfc championship game or in the first week

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