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Apr 22, 2002
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I see Wilford as a pick-up, and possibly an upgrade over David Patten. I also see them drafting a receiver in the 3rd or 4th round, much to the chagrin of Saints fans who want a defensive draft.

I really would like for them to make a move to get Corey Williams AND draft Sedrick Ellis, upgrading the middle of the D-line significantly. I suspect the Saints will try to trade up to nab Ellis before the Jets, Ravens or Bengals.

Linebacker and corner may be addressed in free agency, but not by the big names people covet... as Mike pointed out, the Saints are going to spend a lot of money taking care of their players first.

I also see Deuce agreeing to a restructured deal to free up salary cap dollars... he hasn't had an acromonious relationship with the Saints as other star players seemed to have had (Horn, Brooks, Turley), so I don't see either party being reluctant to play give-and-take to make sure McAllister is still taken care of financially, but the Saints aren't stuck with a cap figure that prevents them from acquiring other players.


Sep 2, 2003
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I had the numbers wrong, LS.

I thought if they designated Deuce as a post-June1 cut, that his remaining pro-rated signing bonuses would be split evenly between 08 and 09, but only one years worth of is actually charged to 08 and the rest to 09. I was right about the roster bonus having to be paid though. Under this scenario, Deuce would count 3.45 mill in 08, which is a cap savings. The hit in 09 though would be over 7 mill (ouch!).

If they cut him before his roster bonus is due march 1st, he would count almost 10 mill against the 08 cap. Hopefully, some time between now and March 1st, they can re-structure his deal.

It's tough keeping up with all the particulars of the salary cap. :eek:
What would be the implications if, with a mutual agreement the saints paid his roster bonus then released him. Let him test his value with an understanding the saints would get an opportunity to bump his best offer. Could the '09 cap hit be renegotiated in a new deal if they gave him 2-3 more years?

Based on his age and coming off injury, I guesstimate he would get 2-3 yr backloaded deal with a low salary and roster bonus after the 2nd year. I doubt he would sign a 1 year deal with another team.


Feb 2, 2008
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I'd like to see MM come back at FS. I really think he could excel at that spot for us... and it would be a good move for him at this stage of his career, and coming back from the knee injury.
That's somethings that I've been hoping for. A few years ago, some of the best S in the league were aging CBs. MM intelligence would be excellent for the position and any loss in speed would be marginalized.

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