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Aug 15, 1998
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Hey Mike, thanks for answering our questions, I got a few for you.

1. How has Jermon Bushrod's play looked to you? Do you see him as a future starter for the saints or somewhere in the nfl? In the Philly game, Trent Cole got a good hit on Brees, but it looked like Brees held on to the ball way to long.

2. Have you heard anything on the kicking situation once Hartley comes back? How do you feel Morstead has done with kickoff duties?

3. It looks like David Thomas and Heath Evans has fit in well so far with Brees and the Saints offense. What is your take on their play and their roles the rest of the year?

4. Can you give us an early draft look at the LSU seniors? Do you think Keiland Williams can have a more productive NFL career then what he has done at LSU because of his lack of wear and tear? Do you see somebody taking a chance on Trendon Holliday to be a Kevin Faulk type of back? Do you see anybody taking a look at R.J. Jackson or Chris Johnson as a developmental type late round pick?

Thanks again


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