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Apr 10, 2008
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Atl's site has a writer named Charean Williams of the (Fort Worth) Star-Telegram. each week Atl's site has aguest such as her give her take on the game. I imagine they always use a writer who isnt close to either team. article in full below, but check out the part i did in bold. :mwink:

AF.COM: In your opinion, who are the top five teams in the NFL?
CW: The three undefeated teams have to be in there: Indianapolis, New Orleans and Denver, in no particular order. Then, it's the Steelers and the Vikings. I think almost anybody you polled would agree those are the top-five teams right now. But it's early. Nobody outside Arizona had the Cardinals in the top five at this point last year.

AF.COM: You saw the Falcons over the weekend against the Cowboys. What were your impressions of both teams?
CW: I picked the Falcons to win the game and was surprised the Cowboys handled them that easily after the Falcons' first possession. It is the first time the Cowboys have played a full game this season. I think they showed what they're capable of. The question is: Can they find any kind of consistency? I still think the Falcons make the playoffs as a wild-card team, as I picked before the season started, but this was a big game in terms of tie-breakers. It certainly could help the Cowboys down the line if they can keep winning. But the Cowboys' December schedule is brutal and they haven't had a winning record after Dec. 1 in more than a decade.

AF.COM: Who are the top five wide receivers in the game right now and why?
CW: Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald clearly have separated themselves as the best of the best. I did vote for Roddy White for the All-Pro team last year, over Fitzgerald, so Roddy is in my top five. Reggie <NOBR id=itxt_nobr_6_0 style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 100%; COLOR: #e01522">Wayne </NOBR> and Wes Welker would be my other two choices. I know that leaves out Anquan Boldin and Chad Ochocinco, but I think we saw earlier this year, when he was out of the lineup, how important Wes Welker is to the Patriots.

AF.COM: What are the keys to Monday night's game between the Saints and the Falcons?
I would say stopping Drew <NOBR id=itxt_nobr_7_0 style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 100%; COLOR: #e01522">Brees </NOBR>, but that didn't work so well for the Dolphins. If Brees can turn the ball over four times and still win, is there any way to stop him? It's a matter of outscoring the Saints. They had three points with seconds remaining in the first half Sunday and ended up with 46. The Falcons will have to score and score and score some more. If it's fourth-and-short, they better go for it. They better score touchdowns and not field goals. A ball control game certainly would help, so getting Michael Turner and that running game going is key this week.


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Oct 26, 2006
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Her receiver analysis is ridiculous.

How outside of Roddy White?

Right now, everyone she named other then White are the best receivers right now. She didn't say Randy Moss because as of right now, Welker is the MVP of that team. Without Welker, the Pats looked lost on 3rd downs and lost games.


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May 8, 2008
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It's kind of a reach to put Boldin there is a reach as well. All Andre Johnson is doing is leading the league in yards with 4 TDs and over 200 YAC so he's top for sure. Moss? Smith (either)? Ward? Colston? Calvin? All these guys are far ahead of Anquan. I LOVE Boldin, and respect him, but he's not above any of those guys. I'll give a push for Welker, but IMHO he's overrated. Ochocinco, though, is putting up the numbers again this year, and she seems to be hung up on last season.


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Feb 27, 2004
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I like the point that we had 3 points with seconds to go in the first half and ended up with 46; pretty shocking when you put it that way.
If the Rams or the Bucs said something really stupid that infuriated Payton and Brees before the game, do you think this team would put up a three-digit score???


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Jul 22, 2000
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Farmerville, La.
The Cowgirls handled the Falclowns, and I think Dallas is a pretty average team this year.

We win by at least 21.


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Oct 17, 2006
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Central City via N.O. East
She failed to mention the best receiver in the league, Calvin 'Megatron' Johnson.

Thank you! CJ gets so little recognition playing in Detroit. Just wait till Stafford gets better and better.

White had a good year, but I wouldn't put him in the top 5 of receivers until he consistenly puts up numbers like that. To me, you have to mention Moss and Calvin Johnson in any "top 5 WR" talk.

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