Atlanta Falcons New Uniforms (1 Viewer)

They better not even consider using gold like they're saying in that article. Teams shouldn't be allowed to have the same primary colors in the same division.

They're red and black and need to get over their obsession with us.

ETA: Have the Bucs revealed their new uniforms yet? (I don't know what took them so long. You can't even make out the numbers on their old/current ones.)
So they are talking about putting gold to tie them in with the soccer club!?!? I mean it would be one thing if your longest bitterest rivalry didn't have their main color as gold but come on guys. That would be like us throwing red on the uniforms to tie in with the Pelicans.
I was thinking there was a leak or something that you had posted.

They aren't planning to show off the new digs until next month (likely before the draft). I'm excited for them because their current uniforms didn't age well AT ALL. Look like garbage.

As much as I hate the falcons I would rather hate them while they look aesthetically pleasing. I LOVED that thanksgiving matchup where the Saints were in color rush and Falcons were in their throwbacks. I'm hoping their new uniforms harken back to one of their older styles.
From a linked article on that page:

With fans not paying their premium seat licenses at alarming rates and MBS being nearly empty on game days, changing the uniform is Blank’s hail Mary attempt to get fans to buy back in after three years of declining home attendance.

Says it all. They'll still suck in front of a couple thousand people.

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