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Mar 25, 2004
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"War Eagle 6" (that's a bird) just made his rounds. Bo Jackson is on hand.

More to come as things progress.
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No need to panic longshoremen, but the 'Dawgs get on the board first.

7-0 GA.
17-0, looks like the war eagle may be in some trouble, what is up with Auburn this is at home to???:dunno:
this is awesome for LSU

TN beats arkansas
LSU beats bama, arkansas

LSU beats Florida in the SEC title game, goes to the Sugar.
Exactly, still a lot of games to take care of business in but this is good for the Tigers.
Unless the dawgs screw up royally I think we can write Auburn out of any NC hopes.

If only Bama could pull it off against LSU my day would be made.
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War Eagle!!!! Heh, even though I am a fan, I have known all year that Auburn is not a top team. Georgia has just de-pants them in front of the nation.

Nevertheless, they will still beat the crud out of Alabama.

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