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Q: First question: It's obvious many are wanting to know how you feel about going against your former team. Do you want them to know what they miss with not having you there?

A: (Not thinking that at all) I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL. I learned a lot, and discovered what I could and could not do. I feel I'm a better coach for that experience.

Q: During the pregame, do you envision Khalil Mack and others coming over to shake hands with you?

A: Our focus is getting our team ready to play. There are still guys over there that I had a chance to work with and lay a foundation. You can see some of the benefits of their hard work starting to show.

Q: What do you see as the challenge of going against Carr and the Oakland offense?

A: Their offensive line is big and physical. Carr is very intelligent. Their offense is explosive. I don't underrate anything that Carr can do. He goes through his reads and progressions well and makes good decisions. If your defense does not maintain lane discipline, Carr can also hurt you with his legs (running for a 1st down).

Q: Do you think Carr will go after your young CB's? What do you tell them?

A: I tell them to go out and compete & make plays. Realize that Oakland will make some plays, but you (as a defense) need to keep fighting. We need to play good defense and play well. It will also be important to have some takeaways, and when the opponent has the ball, stop them and give your offense good field position.

There were a few other things mentioned here & there, but the above probably covers most of it.


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