Barack Obama's Controversial Pastor Puts Church (and possibly Barack) In Hot Water (1 Viewer)

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Aug 24, 2002
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Thanks, PE, for the link with an update on the Catholic League's position. But as you can see from the portion of my post that you highlighted in red, it still doesn't measure up to the stand that Obama was pressed to take on Farrakhan.

It's also worth noting that Catholics United is still unsatisfied and calling for a rejection of the endorsement.

Catholics United Welcomes McCain’s Comments on Anti-Catholicism, Continues to Call for Rejection of Hagee Endorsement

“We applaud Senator McCain for clearly repudiating Hagee’s anti-Catholic sentiments. But the fact is that the senator still remains ‘proud’ to receive this endorsement,” said Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United. “By publicly accepting and celebrating this endorsement, McCain is sending a signal that he tolerates these extremist positions. Hagee has offended many groups besides Catholics. The best way for him to move forward is by simply rejecting his endorsement.”
From my personal experience, it's much more accepted that Protestants (and even some Catholics) take shots at Catholics. My brother is has left the Faith calls me up and tells me about the vitriolic statements spewed in many Protestant about the Catholic faith. At this point, I'm calloused to it and my guess is so are a large percentage of Catholics. In my opinion to have a better comparison of the comments made by the two Pastors (Wright and Hagee), we should compare the American Psyche with that of Catholic Congregations. The question we have to ask is whether the man on the street is ready to expect or understand condemnation of the USA as are Catholics to expect or understand condemnation from these Protestant pulpits. I think we'll get our answer over the next few weeks.

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