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Jan 26, 2008
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New Orleans, La
Ok I had a guy that used to live here (moved to NY) come to my bar with his (NY) friends wearing Eli and other Giants jerseys. (For The Record: I have no problem with opposing fans, we welcome you to your teams destruction at my place). They asked if it would be safe to come in, I laughed and gave them a stay of execution and a seat at a table. For an older guy he was sure cocky about his G-men...uhh...I asked him how did it feel to turn on his heritage (Saints) and wear such a vile and disgusting article of clothing! His reply was that it tied him to N.O. being that Eli was from here and NY because it was their team. WHATEVER!!

The Bud Lights, in me offered a wager! I put up my custom authentic home jersey against his Eli, replica (cheepskate) to the winner of the game. The catch was that the losers jersey get's BBQ'd on the grille outside with no compensation and must take 3 pics with Saints fans while holding a sign saying WHO DAT!! and wearing something black and gold!

...moment...moment...The sweet taste of victory is oh so delightful in a flavorful place such as our New Orleans! This guy literally begged for his jersey back as it was to hit the burning coals. Turns out it was his son's on loan to him. I said have fun buying another. He grimmeced. And it was at that moment I thought "What Would Breesus Do?". And it hit me! Southern hospitality is worth more than a non-ediable Eli, jersey...

And in that moment I gaveth unto him his tear stained article of rechidness and allowed him to buy 20 people a beer a piece and $20 worth of BBQ for his troubles. He agreed. We ate and drank...some more! He must now carry his shame, lightened wallet, and pics of remorse back to NY!

The message here folks is DONT Mod Edit WITH DA SAINTS!! WHO DAT!!

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