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Apparently the Bears think that the outdoor stadium at the U of Minnesota will be too cold for their itty bitty paws . . . I guess, after the Pats debacle, the prospect of a nice warm dome is enticing.

Mike Florio: said:
Bears may protest playing at TCF Bank Stadium
Posted by Mike Florio on December 16, 2010, 11:28 AM EST

Our good friend Paul Allen of KFAN, who serves on the weekend as the play-by-play voice of the Vikings, has mentioned on his daily radio show that the Chicago Bears may be preparing to file a protest of some sort regarding the shifting of the Monday night game against the Bears from the Metrodome to TCF Bank Stadium, given that the field at the open-air venue will be frozen. Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has heard the same thing. . . . Coupled with the fact that it’s not clear TCF Bank Stadium can be cleared of snow and otherwise prepared for play by Monday, Atlanta could be the destination for the game. Why Atlanta? Because ESPN is televising Monday night’s Bears-Vikings game and the following Monday’s Saints-Falcons game, from the Georgia Dome.

You might be skeptical about reports from Florio, but this is also being reported elsewhere:

Word is the Bears are looking at filing a protest with the NFL about having to play Monday night's game at TCF Bank Stadium because of concerns about frozen field conditions. We wrote about it today but a main concern here is player safety. I've already heard the argument that these guys should suck it up and play on any field conditions but there is a flaw in that argument. The NFL has made player safety a top priority this season. That means the league can't have it both ways. It can't on one hand talk about the importance of reducing concussions and have a process to hold guys out if they have one, but then on the other hand allow players to go on a field that could be like a skating rink. Either this is 1974 or it's 2010. If it's 1974 and we aren't worried about player safety this game should be a go and let's not worry about all of the other safety issues. I, for one, believe that would be a bad idea.

NFL officials inspected the stadium, which is blanketed in snow, Wednesday. The main issue is the field is frozen and covered by a layer of ice. Removing the ice could damage the FieldTurf surface.

"I would say there will be a game here Monday night," Scott Ellison, the Gophers' associate athletic director, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The school is soliciting volunteers to help clear snow from the stadium, which seats 50,000, making it considerably smaller than the 64,000-seat Metrodome. More snow was forecast overnight. Another issue is water pipes in the stadium, which have been turned off since November. The Vikings badly want to play the game in Minneapolis because Monday is the culmination of a weekend celebrating the 50-year anniversary of the franchise. . . . . Other dome stadiums have been mentioned as possibilities, including stadiums in Detroit and Indianapolis. Although they don't have final say, the Vikings logically would be opposed to both options and even St. Louis because they know the stadiums would be filled with huge pro-Bears crowds. One source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said if the game isn't played in Minnesota the likely destination is Atlanta's Georgia Dome.,0,3856049.story
Gotta love the team with by far the worst home field conditions in the league week in and week out whining about this. You'd think this would make them feel more at home.
I thought this was "Bears" weather?

Now that they got their butt handed to them at their dump of a field they whine.
I think this has less to do with "player safety" on the Bears part and more to do with trying to take an away game atmosphere off their schedule and turning it into a neutral field/home type game.
Gotta love the team with by far the worst home field conditions in the league week in and week out whining about this. You'd think this would make them feel more at home.

Exactly. When they fix their sheety mud "field" then they can talk. Soldier Field has more potholes than some streets in N.O.
Then I'd like to retroactively protest having to play the 2006 NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game on that wet patchwork grassy thing they called an NFL caliber playing field.
Gotta love the team with by far the worst home field conditions in the league week in and week out whining about this. You'd think this would make them feel more at home.

Exactly...why didnt they ***** about this back in 06'...I would have gladly let them come down here and play in the superdome for the NFCCG
I was wondering about that. Isn't GB colder than Minny? Or is it just because of the ice?

Like Soldier Field, the field at Lambeau is heated, so the ground doesn't freeze. The complaint is not having to play outside in the cold, but having to play on a frozen field. Nevertheless, I hope the NFL does not move the game to Atlanta. It should be played in Minneapolis.

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