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Aug 10, 2003
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I'm trying to compile a list of the most recognizable beers for each state in the US. I'll show you all the final result when I'm done, but for now I need help from those scattered around the country. I'm doing most recognized, not best, so for instance Colorado will have Coors even though they make much better beers.

I've listed a few but some are up for debate if you can think of better ones.

LA - Abita
MO - Budweiser
WI - Miller
CO - Coors
TX - Shiner Bock
PA - Yuenling
MA - Sam Adams
MD - National Bohemian
RI - Naragansett
DE - Dogfish Head
CA - Sierra Nevada
MT - Big Sky
VT - Magic Hat
VA - Old Dominion
NY - Genesee
WA - Redhook
IL - Goose Island
My first thought for CA was Anchor, but I guess sierra nevada is a good choice.
I would have to give FL to:
Canada (my second favorite state): Molson (bad beer)
I'm thinking Bell's for Michigan. I figured they'd have something older but it's all I can think of.
Not to be an absolute beer snob, but do mean origin or brewing? My guess is that you mean local regardless of brewing location.

Guidomerkins come home

Bronx Brewery - Bronx - NY
Singlecut - Queens - NY
Redhook is the new micro/regional, but Rainier is the one that belongs for WA.

It's even the minor league team's name in Tacoma and the big R downtown/SODO survived when Starbucks took over their building.
Utah- Henry Winehard's

Actually, you'd have to list each sate by county to make this an accurate list. Growing up in NE Pa., Genny (Cream Ale) was the choice by far
Um, dunno how to break it to you but Weinhard's is an Oregon beer, like Widmer.
Technically, shared name, but for ages they used the same distinctive R from the beer on their jerseys and hats. It's not a coincidental association.



Current team's name chosen in 1995 and the nostalgia/association was with the beer from the get go and with the older Seattle team which had been first named that under ownership by the brewery then link/support in later years when they came back to Seattle (were the Angels in between).


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