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Aug 17, 2008
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I live in Las Vegas but was born and raised in Bos
Is it just me but I feel like the pressure is off of me now. I actually can enjoy my team playing instead of obsessing over playoff scenarios. This year is cool to me because i know we are a couple bad plays away from being a contender again.
Early this season we had to contend with the injury PLAGUE. From that young players have gained game time experience which can prove valuable next year. I think we are truly a couple pieces away (coaching included). Because everyone is so clustered together we really do stand a chance at getting a relatively high draft pick(preferably Jabrill Peppers). I think his versatility allows us to resolve the remaining holes we currently have and will allow us to to OL early and often. He will also allow us to look at LB later in the draft. Thought? Criticism welcomed.

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