Bengals G Bobbie Williams Has Appendectomy (MERGED) (1 Viewer)


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Aug 14, 2003
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Onalaska, TX via Bienville Parish
Source: AP, ESPN [ Full Article]

The Bengals had to shuffle their injury-depleted offensive line Thursday after right guard Bobbie Williams had an appendectomy, which will sideline him for a few weeks. Coach Marvin Lewis said Williams became ill on Wednesday, and he had an appendectomy overnight. Third-year lineman Stacy Andrews will make his first NFL start Sunday against New Orleans.
So they will be missing their starting C, will have a rookie starting at guard and rookie LT Andrew Whitworth starting? All of this in the Superdome?

I likes.
Hate to see anyone under the weather or injured, but since it is this week I hope that the DL can take advantage and get some real push into Palmers face, forcing some much needed, and long overdue, turnovers!
The push has got to come up the middle hard, every play. Palmer has got to be taken away from that step up and through. Stunt that middle!!
Charles Grant, Will Smith, Brian Young and Hollis Thomas must feel like kids on the night before Christmas, right about now.
Oh, I like this thought. Hollis Thomas is on "The Joe Horn Show" right now. They were just talking about how it feels to play in the 'Dome. I get a kick out of that guy (Thomas).
Please Gibbs blitz Palmer early and often...please.
Starting center, LT and a guard could all be out for this one. That could be a break for the Saints but I still hope their guys are back in time to play the rest of the year.(They can rest up this week however)
The smiley face is kinda creepy...

it is creepy. if he had the devil smiley, I would think, "thats kind of a jerk thing to do." But for some reason that smiley (in this context) seems sociopathic.
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