Best single play in Saints' history excluding Porter's pick-6 and Gleason's punt block (1 Viewer)


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Oct 9, 2011
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I'm gonna go with Brian Milne's recovery of Az-Zahir Hakim's muffed punt to secure our first playoff victory in the 2000 wildcard against the Rams. Going into that game, every Saints diehard was well aware that we were 0-4 all time in the playoffs. Most of y'all will remember that we'd choked away a 28-7 lead and were clinging to a 31-28 lead by the time the Rams were set to have that one final drive. Considering they had prime Kurt Warner leading them and had already scored 21 in the 4th quarter, I coulda built a silo with the bricks I was sheetting. I figured OT was our best possible scenario and it was probably at least a coin flip chance that they straight up beat us in regulation with a TD.

After dealing with getting stomped by the 8-7 Vikings whom we had a 4-game lead on in 1987 and choking away a 13-point lead to the Eagles in 1992 while allowing them to close out on a 29-0 run, all in about 20 minutes of game time, losing to the Rams after leading by 21 points in the 4th quarter could've had catastrophic ramifications. Even going into the '92 wildcard game against Philly, there was a narrative in the national and local media about whether or not the Saints were simply incapable of winning a playoff game. Stretch that string of futility to 0-5 followed by the fruitless 2001-04 stretch under Haslett and then add on the debacle that was 2005 (obviously still under Haslett; I just separated it since I figured some people would argue that he couldn't fairly be blamed considering the circumstances) and who knows if we get the same support from the NFL that we did to prevent the San Antonio relocation.

I don't mean that the NFL would've said "Hey guys, they lost that one playoff game in 2000 so fork New Orleans. Let San Antonio have 'em." I mean that the rabid loyalty of our fans probably factored humongously into their decision to intervene and prevent the move. They knew it would be much easier to make money with an already fiercely devout fan base than it would be to try to grow something from the ground up in an untested NFL market.

Considering how we were already fed up with Haslett by 2003 but had to hold in our vomit during the offseasons following the 2003 and 2004 seasons when we heard about Benson retaining him plus all the horrendous real life sheet many of us were dealing with post-Katrina, it's interesting to think what the overall climate of the fan base would've been if in early 2006 we were looking back on 39 years with zero playoff wins. We can't be 100% sure there would've been the exact same level of support for the team that we had instilled in us by that pivotal playoff win.

Anyway, as I all too often do, I've typed up way too long of a post so I'll cut it off here and eagerly wait to hear what y'all's single best plays are.
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It HAS to be The Ambush, eh?

It seems like that should be the 3rd play excluded in the title because that is up there in the Holy Trinity with the Porter pick 6 and Gleason block, for me.

After that, yeah, Hakim Drops the Ball, all the way.
It HAS to be The Ambush, eh?

It seems like that should be the 3rd play excluded in the title because that is up there in the Holy Trinity with the Porter pick 6 and Gleason block, for me.

After that, yeah, Hakim Drops the Ball, all the way.

Ambush was cool but even if we mess that up we've got an entire half to recover and had already held the Colts scoreless for the entire second quarter plus we ended up only allowing them 7 points in the second half so I view that more as an awesomely uplifting and pivotal play than I do as being make or break like the Milne's recovery or TP's pick 6.
Then it’s the third best play? ?

Well, if I were to ask "What's your third favorite Saints play?" then you'd get a bunch of different peoples' opinions about what was #1 and 2 which leaves the door open for the TP pick-6 and Gleason block to keep getting mentioned which then just ends up diluting the variety of the thread since so many people already mention those as the best play in other threads in the first place.
I guess in terms of single plays you have to add the lateral play in 2003. The subsequent PAT would rank among all time worst.

That actually entered my mind before the Milne recovery when I was typing up the OP but I had to think it over and opted to penalize that play because it was only a regular season game and I might have let the PAT miss influence my decision despite the fact that that was a separate play altogether.

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