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Jul 27, 2003
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Since I see a lot of people wanting to trade down I started thinking of what would make that possible. As the draft nears there are two different players that are rocketing up draft is DRC and the other is Mendenhall. My whole theory only makes sense if you truly feel PT is one of the answers long-term at RB. it is, IMO, our best hope to trade down with someone and acquire more draft picks is to cut Deuce. I know this isn't a what many Saints fans want to here, but if we cut Deuce then all of the sudden Mendenhall looks like a perfect fit for our offense to other GM's around the league. Denver, Carolina, Chicago, Detroit, Arz., Houston and TB are all in need of RB's and are within 10picks of us. I think you can scratch off Carolina and TB because they are in our division and I don't think Loomis would want to put someone like Mendehall in our path to the playoffs 2 times a year.

This leaves 5 legitimate teams in contention that may really want to acquire Mendenhall.

With all that said, I don't know if any of said teams are truly loving Mendenhall enough to trade up to us, but I think this is our only option to move down, acquire picks and still be able to get someone like Rivers, Connor, Mckelvin or Phillips.

I'm not necessarily advocating trading down or cutting Deuce, but I think for those who want to trade down, this is the most realistic way of accomplishing that.


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Aug 8, 1997
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This will only make the pick of the bengals more attractive, not ours.If we cut Deuce and If a team wants a running back, then they will have to jump ahead of us.

We are sitting pretty at 10, if someone is hungry for a runner, they have to jump at least ahead of Chicago at 14. If they want an offensive tackle, maybe ahead of Carolina.

Just sit and wait..... I'm not in the intention of cutting one player based on the possibility of the draft going on some way that can make our pick interesting to trade up for.
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Mar 1, 2008
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If someone wants to jump to 9, then by all means let them. It's possible (not probable) that McFadden and Mendenhall would be there at 9 depending on what the Raiders do, so if both of them are there, teams would want McFadden and not Mendenhall. Remember what happened last year with the Cards taking Levi Brown at 5 when he wasn't projected anywhere near that high because they had to have a Tackle and he was the next best thing...the Chiefs may be in that same situation.

Think of it like this.
1. Dolphins- Matt Ryan
2. Rams- Chris Long
3. Falcons- Jake Long
4. Raiders- Glenn Dorsey
5. Chiefs- Ryan Clady (or even Sedrick Ellis)
6. Jets- Vernon Gholston
7. Pats- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
8. Ravens- Sedrick Ellis
9. Bengals- ????
10. Saints-

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