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Mark Bradley / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mark Bradley Thomas Dimitroff trotted out a phrase that applies to the New England Patriots — “indisputable role understanding.” Loose translation: Robert Kraft pays, Bill Belichick spies, Tom Brady throws. And Dimitroff, up until Saturday, did the college scouting. Now he’s the general manager of a franchise where roles are less understandable.

“I’m very clear on the org [neo-speak for ‘organizational’] chart,” Dimitroff said Tuesday at a meet-and-greet with the Atlanta media. “Rich McKay [once the GM, now just the president] has a wealth of knowledge, and I look forward to tapping into that. But I will have final say on the football side.”

So, someone asked, does that mean the GM-since-Saturday will be hiring the next coach? Said Dimitroff: “Along with Mr. Blank, yes.” Full Story – Journal-Constitution

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