Bleacher Report: Back home with Saints' Alvin Kamara, bold predictions and hate for 'squishy' food (1 Viewer)


Advocate Staff

As the New Orleans Saints prep for a season with high expectations, much of that will be heaped upon their enigmatic star, Alvin Kamara.

Well known for his work on the field and lifestyle off it, the running back was recently shadowed around his native Atlanta from multiple workouts, where his routine and lifestyle was documented, all the way to his aversion to bananas.

"Everything is a test with Kamara. ... He seeks to find an authentic person, and these tests determine how many layers he will peel back.

"If Kamara doesn't sense something genuine, his walls don't come down. Even close friends can become distant memories if they act out of character. ...

Full Story - The Advocate
Andrus Whitewing

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