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Joe Brady "has told people" on Tuesday that he's planning to leave LSU for the Carolina Panthers, according to an ESPN report.
The news comes a few days after Brady agreed to a contract extension with LSU that still allowed him flexibility to leave for an NFL job.
The new contract for LSU's first-year passing-game coordinator was reportedly a three-year deal that is expected to more than double his annual earnings of $410,000, the report says, and it protected LSU from losing Brady to other college assistant jobs but allowed him to leave for a college head coaching position or the NFL.
Dang! Well, thanks, Joe, for helping us get to the top of the mountain again. Wish he wasn't going to an NFC South team other than the Saints.
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Welp so much for that extension.

But I can see why LSU wouldn't stand in his way
Damn, that really sucks. Like really, really sucks.

Wish he would have stayed at least one more season.
I wonder if Coach O will hire someone to replace him.
Simply can't compete with a billionaire. Terrible news for LSU, but I wish him the best.
Simply can't compete with a billionaire. Terrible news for LSU, but I wish him the best.
It may be as much about climbing a new mountain as padding his bank account. It's hard to imagine that he would ever duplicate the season he just had at LSU.
Unless he had some other influence to stay here, it's only natural that he would look for the next big challenge in his coaching career. Plus he will get that opportunity while working with a close friend. He will likely have a lot of leash to do his job. His moving on seemed pretty inevitable to me.
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His moving on seemed pretty inevitable to me.
I was hoping it wouldn't happen this year and thought it wouldn't b/c of the announcement that he had signed some kind of extension with LSU. But I knew there was no way he would simply remain at LSU as an assistant to the OC for more than another year. I really don't like that he is going to the Panthers. Coach O will need to find another boy wonder to assist Ensminger. There is talk that one of the offensive analysts, Munoz, might be that guy. Apparently, he did a great job of prepping Burrow for the kinds of blitz packages he would be seeing and how to beat them. Brady not only called plays, but worked closely with the receivers on their catching techniques and route running. Does O need to find someone who can do that at the same level?
I tend to believe that this year's magic was as much Burrow as it was Brady. I cannot remember Joe going on about Brady in his interviews. The concepts from this year will not be difficult to continue , but it was the communication/trust between QB and the receivers that made this special, ex. , Moss recognizing the coverage and stopping his route in the endzone. Joe read the coverage, Moss read the coverage and they knew what was going to happen. If Brady was the coaching that fostered this type of communication it was still the players who worked hard to develop this chemistry; so, it can continue if Brennen can be that type of leader.

I also think that next year we will rely a bit more on the TE and run the ball more. Having the flexibility in the personnel to move seamlessly from a run-heavy formation to 5 wides. This would make the 3-2-7 less effective.
I read in an article about the Carolina Panthers that Brady called a lot of the red zone plays as well as the empty backfield stuff. Steve Ensminger knows what he is doing. LSU is going to be fine on offense.

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