Brainstorming here: Need ideas for mega fundraiser/news spreading for a good cause via social media and other online methods (1 Viewer)

Dec 23, 2010
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Please take a look at this but also do kind of keep this hush hush as to where you saw this. I trust my fellow Who Dats.

In brief, the Southland conference which consist of schools like UNO, Nicholls, Northwestern State, Southeastern, and McNeese is considering taking away postseason play for all sports this upcoming fall and next spring along with a few other things being cut down. From what I can tell, athletes are against this because the post season and conference championship tournaments are what they work all offseason for and play for. Without that then what's the point of even playing the season? Imagine an NFL season with no playoffs, what's the point. Anyways one of the main reasons for potentially taking away the post season is to save roughly $215,000 in costs that would be required to host all of the conference tournaments. This is why I was wondering about mega fundraiser ideas to raise that amount and save the post season but that's a lot of money and not that realistic. A more realistic approach is to get news of this spread around and to get people to support the athletes and be in favor of a post season and even sign a petition or something. I know there's stuff like Go Fund Me and But what else can be done?
I'm probably gonna come across as a Debbie downer but I don't mean it that way....I'm ignorant to what time frame you're talking about for these playoffs. Initially my thoughts are we have bigger concerns right now. I wouldn't want to miss the NFL season or playoffs but if it keeps people healthy then exceptions need to be made. Bigger fish to fry kinda thing. Money is going to be an issue for everyone and in the coming months that's only going to get worse. Like I say...not hating so educate me.
There's no talk of shortening the preseason or regular season for softball next spring 2021 for example. But taking away the postseason which is after those games makes no sense at all.

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