Brees awareness in the pocket may be the best in the NFL (1 Viewer)


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Jul 16, 2005
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Jackson, ms
The last TD pass to Colston may have been the single best example of pocket awareness I have seen. Brees dropped back, started through his progressions, felt the pressure from the outside, steps up in the pocket, felt the pressure from his right so he slide steps to his left and fires a strike right on target to Colston for the TD. I have seen players like Vick, McNabb and Steve Young escape in more spectacular ways but I can't remember seeing a QB just take one or two steps to avoid pressure as smooth as Brees does while never taking his eyes off the receivers down field.

Brees has been nothing short of spectacular in the pocket and he has really made our offensive line look better than it is. He did make a horrible pass today returned for a TD but his only other option was taking the sack for a safety.

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