Brees hits JACKPOT! (1 Viewer)

Lee Newell

Apr 10, 2002
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Coming to the Saints and playing for the right coach, Drew is on his way to getting his bust made for Canton as a first time balloter. He has struck it rich with a high powered offense. Keep in mind that this is his first season under a new offensive scheme and new team. He and the Saints can only go up from here. He will make the Saints a paradise and a magnet to win the Superbowl in the eyes of some great defensive FA's and allow Payton to address the defensive holes in the off-season.

Saints fans win too. We now have Superpower status on offense that we were sorely lacking since the inception of this franchise. It will be easier to sell guys on coming here to win Championships if they can't with their current teams. As much as I am excited about this season, I can't wait til the off-season. We going to get even stronger!


Very Banned
Jun 19, 2006
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It's way too early to put him down for Canton but its not too early to start thinking of him as the greatest quarter back in Saints history(sorry Archie).

Jay Black

Jan 8, 2006
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Portsmouth, VA

Except for playing Marty Ball (which they don't do at all this year really)

the chargers looks just as good as us

but drew did hit the jackpot with money and with alot of other things too
Nov 21, 2006
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San Diego
I'm glad to see him doing awesome for you guys. Although a lot of us Charger fans miss him, we have a good replacement in Rivers. I hated seeing Brees go, but I'm glad he didn't go to Miami. He must be attracted to the gold (blue&gold and black&gold).


Every team's Elixor
Dec 16, 2004
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One more year like this one and I'll already consider him the best QB of all time for the Saints. Afterall, Archie only had 2-3 good years as our QB. Might as well give Brees the same shake.

Saint Tex

Delvin, Bro
Gold VIP Contributor
Jul 5, 2004
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Dont' know that it's time to start talking Canton, but Brees really did land in a pot of jam. It's not just his offensive weapons, but the fact that Payton is such a creative offensive thinker, both in terms of constructing the offense around his weapons and in terms of playcalling.

The other thing I love about Brees is his willingness and capability of playing sandlot ball when he sees the opportunity. I'm thinking here of the play he and Horn drew up during a game earlier this year, and then the time that Brees stood in the pocket and directed Stecker to go long.

If he keeps it up year and year, and we get a couple of Super Bowls, then, yes, maybe Canton. Right now I'm just enjoying being a Saints fan. Been a long, long, long time coming.

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