Brees, Montana, and Favre Watch Party on Facebook (1 Viewer)

Didn’t know they were doing this, thank you! Just tuned in. Talk about good company for Drew to be in
I have to say. Thank you so very much! I got a lot of joy watching these guys during the game tonight. Probably one of the most memorable things in a long time during SuperBowl. I’m not so sure Brett Fabre hasn’t had 8 or 9 coronas
I clicked on when AP was talking about the Vikings being statistically better than the Saints in the NFCCG. Muahaha! The loser had to perform twice as hard as the winner and still lost hehehehe ?
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Muted my tv and listened to them while watching the game. So much better than Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
that's cool to see, but man...I've never seen so little reaction to a Super Bowl before. I would never know anyone scored if it didn't say 'Touchdown' on the bottom of the screen. these guys all look like they're waiting for a microwave pizza to finish.
Thank you guys for posting this I really enjoyed it. I haven't heard from Joe in a while was nice to hear him talk football again with our beloved Drew and the gunslinger himself Favre.

Yes you could see how P'Oed Drew was when they mentioned it was the same push off (arm fully extended) from Kittle as in the Min game that was not called. He looked like us fans really taking it to heart and I don't blame him one iota. What Drew said needs to be done, tell us what warrants OPI for example, if it's the fully extended arm as we are told then declare that is what constitutes the penalty then call it consistently if that's what you see on the field. To say we have inconsistency among the crews and teams is an understatement.

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