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Dec 10, 2011
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Feel free to stump any loudmouth Fowlkins fans.....

1. Since 2011, There have been only three instances where a QB has attempted over 600 passes, completed at least 66%, and still thrown less than 29 touchdowns. Can you name them?

1. Matt Ryan 2013
2. Matt Ryan 2014
3. Matt Ryan 2015

2. There has only been one playoff run where a QB has beaten
three Super Bowl winning QBs on the way to the title.

2009 - Drew Brees besting Warner, Favre, and Manning.
Matt Ryan is a pretty darn good QB.

It's too bad he will forever be compared to an all-time great QB, who owned him and his team during the prime of his career. :hihi:
Drew is 15-6 against the Falcons.

Matt Ryan is 5-10 against the Saints.

Drew Brees Superbowls: 1
Matt Ryan Playoff wins: 1

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