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Sep 30, 2004
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Capable of running around a defender or right through him, Saints running back Deuce McAllister is the heart of the New Orleans offense

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For all the excitement that a new quarterback brings, for all the hype that a number-two overall draft pick generates and for all the flash a fiery All-Pro receiver elicits – all of it honestly earned – the New Orleans Saints offense still hinges on one man: running back Deuce McAllister.

New Orleans is 16-8 when McAllister reaches the century mark and 3-1 against Tampa Bay when he reaches 100 or more yards.

“Deuce McAllister is one of the more complete backs in the league,” said Buccaneers defensive tackle Chris Hovan. “Reggie Bush is their good changeup, but Deuce is their fastball. And when he comes downhill, get your pads ready and get ready to tackle him. He doesn’t do a lot of shaking. When he’s coming downhill, that’s pretty much where he’s going.”

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