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Morris on Bucs defense: "It's already out of hand"
Posted by Mike Florio on September 21, 2009 4:26 PM ET
Rosenthal pointed out earlier today the specific concerns of Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris regarding the team's defense. Morris also expressed Monday general concerns with a unit that began to plummet last year once word of long-time coordinator Monte Kiffin's departure leaked and has only gotten worse since Kiffin -- and multiple key veteran players -- left the organization.

Asked Monday if he can keep the struggles on the defense, for years the strength of the franchise, from getting out of hand, Morris said (per JoeBucsFan.com), "It's already out of hand."

But Morris didn't seem to be concerned by the fact that, statistically, Tampa Bay has the second-worst defense in the league.

"We'll move up gradually throughout that process," he said in comments distributed by the team. "A couple more teams play Drew Brees [and the Saints], we won't have that problem."

What Morris seems to be overlooking is that the Bucs still have to play Drew Brees and the Saints.


The Bucs also play the Giants, Eagles, Falcons twice, Panthers twice, Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Seahawks, and Packers.

So, frankly, Morris shouldn't count on moving up, unless the list to which he's referring is "worst teams in the NFL."

Then again, the Bucs already occupy a high position on that one.

And somewhere in South Florida, Jon Gruden is smiling.

Wait, he never smiles. Let me try that again.

Somewhere in South Florida, Jon Gruden is sneering in a manner that is intended to convey satisfaction.

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