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Mar 15, 2002
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Campbell's Chunky contest votes needed everyday for Saints

Could we sticky this on the new forum? It would be great if we could Sticky this until DEC 15th.

This is a good cause, and I know my Saintsreport brethren will help increase our voting numbers. I think the contest ends around 12/15, so please let them know we're out here. We're 3rd in most improved from last year, so we may have a chance.

To vote for the Saints, click on the folllowing link:

You do not have to load any software to vote and you can vote daily. If you delete the cookies, you can vote multiple times a day.

Geaux Saints,
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WOW can't believe saints is up that high on a user voting chart and has had Most improved clicks a couple of times to put us in second place.

Lets keep it up.. link needs to be in other places besides here.
Its really a shame people would abuse it so that they had to put up that code to vote. Makes people a lot less likely to vote and help the cause, IMO.
we have a solid lead for 4th place -- don't think we can catch the packers -- wow -- over 100,000 votes
FANTASTIC! If it ended today, New Orleans would win the Most Improved Category, because the same team can't win the overall AND the Most Improved, and Cinn is leading both categories. We're in second in Most Improved, so we'd win by default!!!!!!!

Please pass this to all of your Saints friends, and people who care about New Orleans. As I see it, we've had more people that have lost more than any other city in the country, and we deserve to win.

If just all of the Saintsreporters voted several times a day, we'd probably add a couple of thousand alone!
As of 10/27/06 at 9:20, Indianapolis is less than 3000 votes behind us. Last night they were about 7000 votes behind us, so they will overtake us soon unless our voting rate picks up. I got my fiance to vote a dozen times today, and if y'all got at least one other person to vote a dozen times, we might be able to keep our lead.

Indy is now in 3rd place in most improved, and that's our only chance to win this thing. Indy wasn't even in the top 5 yesterday. If they overtake us in most improved, then it's over.
Well Indy passed us up. We're back to 5th place, but still second in most improved. Unfortunately, Pitt has passed Cinn up for most votes, so if it ended today, we wouldn't win anything. We have to keep voting and hope that Cinn wins the overall, because I think there is a good chance that we can hold 2nd place in the most improved category.

I think I've figured out how they calculate it. We're on a pace to exceed 300k votes this year. I haven't been able to find last year's final results, but I did stumble upon a forum that listed results near the end. From what I've can deduce, at this point, we're at about 50% of last year's total for us of about 70k votes. I think the most improved is a ratio, so we'll be something like 7 times better than last year. It may be based on votes at the same date. I don't know, but I think we're still in the running, so don't lose hope.
folks, we may have to help Cinn stay on top, because we ain't going to catch the overall leaders, but if we can assure that Cinn wins the overall, then we stand a good chance of winning the most improved by default, since they lead that category too.

I'd suggest, for every 4 votes you put in for the Saints, put one in for Cinncinati too. That might be just enough to keep them ahead of Pitt.
At least are #1 in our division. I kinda like that the packers fans are getting some comp in this thing. LETS GO PPL!!

Team Total Votes

Pittsburgh Steelers 193,685

Cincinnati Bengals 191,348

Green Bay Packers 171,312

Indianapolis Colts 45,814

New Orleans Saints 37,448

Jacksonville Jaguars 16,350

Cleveland Browns 15,665

Kansas City Chiefs 12,584

Philadelphia Eagles 12,113

Miami Dolphins 10,979

Buffalo Bills 8,651

Chicago Bears 8,193

Houston Texans 7,842

Carolina Panthers 7,621

Washington Redskins 5,484

Minnesota Vikings 4,785

Seattle Seahawks 4,355

St. Louis Rams 4,289

Dallas Cowboys 4,124

Tennessee Titans 3,366

San Diego Chargers 3,366

Denver Broncos 3,015

New England Patriots 3,010

Baltimore Ravens 2,962

New York Giants 2,615

Atlanta Falcons 2,514

Detroit Lions 2,372

Oakland Raiders 2,042

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1,685

San Francisco 49ers 1,629

New York Jets 1,219

Arizona Cardinals 1,038
Things are slipping away!

Team Total Votes
Pittsburgh Steelers 246,303

Cincinnati Bengals 242,890

Green Bay Packers 232,152

Indianapolis Colts 117,040

New Orleans Saints 49,575

Cleveland Browns 24,581

Jacksonville Jaguars 17,235

Kansas City Chiefs 15,855

Philadelphia Eagles 14,226

Miami Dolphins 13,395

Chicago Bears 12,747

Buffalo Bills 10,244

St. Louis Rams 9,368

Houston Texans 8,482

Carolina Panthers 8,433

Washington Redskins 6,480

Dallas Cowboys 6,366

Minnesota Vikings 5,811

Seattle Seahawks 5,058

Tennessee Titans 4,132

New England Patriots 3,889

San Diego Chargers 3,876

Denver Broncos 3,839

New York Giants 3,512

Baltimore Ravens 3,489

Oakland Raiders 3,307

Atlanta Falcons 3,228

Detroit Lions 2,947

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2,106

San Francisco 49ers 2,012

New York Jets 1,458

Arizona Cardinals 1,298

Cincinnati Bengals
Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Browns
Chicago Bears
Come on everybody, only 213,458 more votes needed to get us up to 1st place!

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