Campbell's Chunky contest votes needed for Saints (1 Viewer)

Has anyone else noticed that 6 of the top 8 teams are from small markets?
Saints get my vote. Just added link to my favorites so that I can vote daily until the contest ends.
We have been passed by bear fans and ram fans are directly in the rear view mirror, LETS GO!! In other news packers fans are finally awake lol.

Team Total Votes
Green Bay Packers 423,938

Pittsburgh Steelers 375,908

Cincinnati Bengals 369,334

Indianapolis Colts 287,989

Chicago Bears 84,534

New Orleans Saints 73,059

St. Louis Rams 68,188

Cleveland Browns 52,573

Kansas City Chiefs 34,741

Jacksonville Jaguars 19,862

Philadelphia Eagles 19,502

Miami Dolphins 16,008

Buffalo Bills 14,636

Dallas Cowboys 10,497

Carolina Panthers 10,349

Houston Texans 10,331

Washington Redskins 10,228

Minnesota Vikings 9,128

New England Patriots 8,036

Denver Broncos 6,999

Seattle Seahawks 6,824

Baltimore Ravens 6,806

Tennessee Titans 6,329

Oakland Raiders 5,812

New York Giants 5,516

San Diego Chargers 5,296

Atlanta Falcons 5,258

Detroit Lions 4,925

San Francisco 49ers 3,357

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3,307

New York Jets 2,311

Arizona Cardinals 2,275

Cincinnati Bengals
Indianapolis Colts
Chicago Bears
St. Louis Rams
New Orleans Saints
I vote once a day, don't forget to vote for your favorite (Saints) players for the ProBowl.

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