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May 4, 2006
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Combined records of teams still on schedule:
Dal- 33-31
Phili- 32-32
NO- 31-33
Atl- 31-33
Chi- 31-33
Car- 30-34
NYG- 28-36
Sea- 27-37
Minn- 26-38
StL- 24-40

Looking at that I would say the Seahawks are inand StLouis still has a shot.
Whoever has the most Divisionn wins in the south will win the Division
The Giants are Banged up but Dal and Phili have some tough games down the stretch
Chi needs to put that division away because they still have Minn on their schedule
I have looked at this before. My take is those records are skewed a little bit. In the NFC thier are a bunch of damn good 4-4 teams. When looking at a statistical representation of all the teams, a solid 4-4 suddenly looks mediocre.

And most of these teams all play each too. Carolina is 4-4, Eagles are 4-4, St. Louis is 4-4, Dallas is 4-4, and the Vikings are 4-4.

If you had a 5 game stretch against all of these teams, you would be fortunuate to go 3-2 if you knew what these teams were about. But without knowing the teams and you see five 4-4 teams than you would think of an easy stretch.

But I get your overall point. Minnesota has it extremely easy I think. They only play 1 game left on thier schedule that has a winning record right now.
let's revisit this after week 17, but the short answer is "no" because the order of the wins doesn't really matter. the total number of wins matters and which teams you beat count in cases of tiebreakers, but the order [in which you play or win the games] doesn't matter. so strength of remaining schedule doesn't really matter in determining playoffs.
Also, how a team plays seems to change almost on a weekly basis.

Certainly the Bears must have had the Dolphins game last Sunday chalked up as 'W' in their pregame assessments based on Miami's previous performances this year.

So, no matter the records of our opponents from week to week, we MUST consider each team, each week as an obstacle to getting to the post season...

And each week we must work HARD to overcome that obstacle! :9:
the more teams you beat on your schedule, the better your chance of making the playoffs...therefore, the answer is yes, the schedule makes a difference:hihi:
Not really. Alot of factors come into play-mentally of the team, the swagger of the team, the confidence of the team, etc.

Last year in Dec-the Giants and Skins had tough opponents and key injuries, but they played lights out nonetheless.

Especially considering the good QB/Coaching staff combo here, a very good second half isn't out of the question at all.
Also, when you play people can matter a lot, too, how relatively healthy the opponent is, hot/cold streak, how they're handling success/adversity that week, etc.

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