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Dec 13, 2018
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Daphne, Alabama
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The Adam Sandler tribute song that came out recently has sent me down this Farley rabbit hole, and being the information-obsessed person I am, I, of course, have poured over hours and hours and hours of articles, videos, interviews, and even read the David Spade autobiography and The Chris Farley Biography.

It’s amazing what I’ve learned about one of America’s greatest comics.

The few things I was really surprised to learn:

He was always in some character because he didn’t feel anyone would like or accept him unless he was that guy.

He was insanely OCD. He would have to touch door knobs twice, lick his shoelaces before tying them, and would touch the sidewalk twice while walking to “even everything up”.

He didn’t know how banks worked, and had 0 common sense about how to take care of himself.

He had a voracious appetite and would eat enough to feed 6 people at one sitting. He did everything to the utmost extreme including guzzling entire bottles of Jack Daniels in one chug and do 100 lines of cocaine during a bender.

But crazily, he was incredibly spiritual and went to mass every Sunday. He was extremely pious with his religion but honestly believed that confession made it all better and he could do whatever he did wrong again. When he died, he was found with a rosary in his hand, leading his brother to believe that he was trying to pray his way into heaven knowing that he was purposefully bringing about his own death.

Lastly, the clothes he would wear on Improv Olympic stage and Second City, as well as SNL had “Belushi” written inside them. He was obsessed and knew that he was going to die of a drug overdose at age 33. And some think he killed himself on purpose 13 days before the end of the year to make it true.

Just crazy details about a larger-than-life guy who secretly hated who he was and was always desperate for attention, demons he couldn’t shake, and an extreme personality that was borderline insane.


Aug 1, 1997
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Plenty more

I wish that Farley had lived long enough to see where he fit in. He's the same as Belushi for me. Here in Chicago those two are legends but I don't know how they are perceived elsewhere. They shone too bright and burned out too soon..

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