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Sep 10, 2012
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You know how difficult it is to produce the same script for the 3rd straight year?
1st quarter- poor defense, bad start.
2nd quarter- team coming around, back to .500.
3rd quarter- team regresses, losing streak.
4th quarter- picks it back up, hope for a better next year.

This year does feel different, despite the similar script. The defense is most definitely coming around. Cam Jordan is a beast, Robertson/Stupar have been nice pieces, Crawly/Moore/Webb have been solid, Fairley is a disruptive force (I do have concerns about his work ethic if he gets a long term deal), and Bell continues to improve every week. Not to mention maybe a healthy Williams, Kikaha.

Offensively, we're set at WR. The Oline has been a big plus with Peat being a definite pleasure, Evans and Strief are rejuvenated and Unger is solid. I really don't see any need to touch up this portion in the draft and can focus on continuing to fix the defense and ST (maybe a TE).

Even with the positives, I can't help but still feel pessimistic because we say this every year with no changes coming the following year. When will this team finally get over the hump? I am really down on the coaching staff as a whole because they allow the same mistakes over and over for the last 3 years with no accountability.

Sigh. So disappointing.


Mar 14, 2006
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What's funny is the in-game scripts are the same as season script.

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