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Pete Fiutak / Fox Sports

Maybe new UCLA hire Rick Neuheisel is scaring him off. That, or the potential of the NCAA doing some snooping to see if Mr. Kim Kardashian's issues were real before he bolted to the New Orleans Saints.

Pete Carroll has always been considered a bit of a rent-a-coach for USC, with just about everyone believing he'd be off to the NFL again at some point. With a little bit of pro success, going 6-10 with the Jets in 1994 and 28-23 with three playoff games from 1997 to 1999 at New England, he's seen life at the next level. He's seen how much luck plays a part in things, and he's seen how he can't just go out and recruit superstar after superstar to stockpile a jaw-dropping depth chart. You'd think he'd know better.

But coaches are coaches are coaches; they're all nuts. Whether they're the gruff, jerkweed type who yells at everything or the media-savvy, general good-guy type like Carroll, they're all the same. They've all been trained since birth that coaches are hired to be fired, and when there's a chance to take a supposedly bigger, better gig, the Pavlovian response is to instantly go where they're wanted no matter what the current situation. Full Story – Fox Sports

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