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Jan 2, 2003
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Old Metairie
Last week I was goofing around on Google Earth, looking north of Bay St. Louis, mainly at the Wolf River. I've canoed that one about a half dozen times; there's a good set-up at Wolf River Canoes that shuttles you upstream and you take out at this compound just below I-10. Wolf River, by the way, empties into the east side of Bay St. Louis (the bay, not the city).

As I moved my cursor to the west, I noticed a similar line of sandbars marking a waterway which eventually becomes the Jourdan River, which is just west of Diamondhead and flows into the northwest side of Bay St. Louis. Zooming in, it looks really nice, not as developed (a lot of it is in the Stennis Noise Easement area). Looks like lots of timber farming going on there-- rows and rows of trees.

The waterway crosses Highway 43 east of Picayune, curves around in a semi-circle down to about Kiln and crosses under Highway 603 just north of Kiln.

From researching it further on the internet, I found it has three names -- up by Hwy 43 it's Hickory Creek, about 1/3 of the way down it joins with a much smaller Catahoula Creek and takes that name, then about 3/4s of the way down it joins with Bayou Bacon and becomes the Jourdan River.

I'm really interested in canoeing/kayaking this waterway, camping overnight on a two-day trip. I measured it and it's about 17 river miles, definitely doable if I get an early start. I think I'm gonna use the Hwy 43 crossing as a put-in. There's a good take-out spot just before the Hwy 603 crossing called McLeod Water Park, where I can leave my car overnight and take out. A photo of the launch location and take-out location are attached below.

ANYBODY FAMILIAR WITH THIS CREEK/RIVER? I'd love to get some more inside tips.



Practice Squad
Mar 5, 2017
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It seems like an interesting place to go to over the weekend. would like to know some tips too

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