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Sep 27, 2006
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Have any of you guys that use CBS Sports for your FF league ever had a problem with the standings not being updated? This is our 4th year using CBS and we've never had a problem until this year (it's my 1st year as the commish and it may be something that I have set up wrong). After wk1, all the teams are 0-0. Do you guys have any ideas why it is doing that? I've submitted a question to CBS about it, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.
We have had several problems. During the draft, my players uploaded into an unknown account, rather than my own. They corrected it.

During the games this week, we had a difficult time of keeping track of the scores, IE would shut down every time we hit the game link. It has apparently corrected itself and was working by Monday night.
Fox never got their scores updated until yesterday. Must be some problem with the same guys administering both.
CBS got me squared away. It wasn't something that I had done (thankfully!); it was just a problem on their end. Hopefully it's all good now.

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