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Aug 15, 2000
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da boyah
I only caught a few minutes of it. First it was coach Payton saying the usual stuff about the Ravens and the quality of opposition they present.

I caught all of the 2 minutes of the Charles Grant interview, and if I can read my scribble, this is what he said. When asked about what he did during his offtime, he said he just basically chilled. Hung out with the guys for a day, went back to Atlanta, took care of his kid for 2 days (daughter?) and gave the mom a break, watched the GA vs. MSU game.

They asked him about the return to practice (apparently taped Monday :shrug:). Said We wanted to get back to what we do best and that's work hard. We treated it like a working day, everyone wanted to get some work in. He's not surprised by the 5-1 start. Coaches came in and wanted strong players, wanted to start a great tradition of fighting (?) and making you depend on the guy next to you because if you do, then you don't have to worry about him doing his job.

On the ravens: Great football team. You take no one lightly. We have to play the way we've been playing but better. We have a lot of new players on the defense and haven't even started gelling yet, it will be exciting to see when we do. As for playing guys like Heap, McNair, Lewis, Mason et al "It's wonderful to go against McNair, TE, a great offensive line. You get amped for this kind of game because it can carry you a long way through the season.

As for the city - it's great for the fans to get to see. It's also the players who are putting in the hard work. They appreciate the fans. The players have a feeling that they can't be beat and that runs "upstairs, downstairs, practice squad and everyone in the organization."

As for the Superdome - we like the noise that keeps getting louder every game. He then credited Coach Payton for attitude and coming in with a plan.

Sorry the post is so raw, but that's the best I could do.

Charles Grant:
:worthy: :worthy: :worthy:

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Thanks TPS, recaps are always appreciated.
>>Dude, don't apologize. It's great of you to recap. Thanks.

Thanks kee. I'd rather have a real word-for-word recap, but it's kind of hard when taking notes. I think I got almost all of it except the part where after he mentioned you never take anyone lightly, he said something about "look at Tampa, started slow and came back and beat two great teams." (kind of an any given sunday comment). It was great to see him on tv though. He never minces words, and for whatever reason (former #1 draft pick and one of the defensive leaders I suppose), we get a lot of Grant exposure here in the local market.
My pleasure d and b&g. I know it wasn't a quality post, but any Saints news is good news after the bye week and something I'm sure any of you guys would have hooked me up with if you had caught the show.

FWIW, immediately following the taped Grant interview the announcers (Eric and the other dude) really credited Coach Payton for having his players so behind him. They saw it last week in John Carney (was apparently the guest, I didn't catch the show) and this week in Charles Grant, they believe in the system and the team.

To me the most interesting comments from Grant were:

a) that the team hasn't even gelled yet. That was cool because 2 weeks ago (leading up to the Philly game), I heard him on the radio and he said that when the defense plays its A game, it can play with anyone in the league. I got the feeling he believes it and that's what counts.

b) how they don't have to worry about the guy next to him doing his job eevn though we're not near our capability/potential yet. That's important. It's a long season, and if he's right, that means our best defensive football lies ahead. I think we're #5 right now in total D, so if we are destined to get better, then maybe we have a chance to get some wins against the quality opponents we have into November (Ravens, Bengals, Bucs, Steelers, Falcons - all formidable teams and the part of the schedule, IMHO, that can define how good this team is - obviously regardless of the current records of Tampa and Pittsburgh who I personally feel are excellent teams capable of beating anyone). ;)
One other thing from the interview with Coach Payton, they asked him if he targets being a certain stat level or whatever (I think they said the O&D were both #5 in the NFC). Coach said he doesn't so much figure "you wanna be 3rd, 5th, 8th, or whatever", but more about the wins while still playing good football comparitively, always with room for improvement.

Damn, I'm pumped up for Sunday. Win or lose, I think we're going to bring it as will the Ravens. For my money, the Ravens are a team that hits you hard defensively and kind of breeds bash-oriented games with teams who are up to the challenge. It's a different level or style of football because of their defensive talent and the way they play. (Not saying it's going to be solely a smashmouth game, but there's gonna be hard hitting).

It will be very interesting to see how our offense plays. I think it's a great test. You've got a spectacular secondary, linebackers that can hit and a solid line that often get to the quarterback quickly. Brees has made his money this season getting rid of the ball quickly. This should lead to some excellent battles between our brand new offensive line and their speed and ability to hit you from different angles. Yeah, I'm pumped up about the game!

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Great post!

I've also been pumped looking fwd to watching our offense vs the Ravens D.
I'm a Grant Backer!!!
I am thrilled that Charles has rededicated himself to football. Isn't it funny how that seems to happen for most players during their contract year?????
He along with Fujita helps keep the fire burning on defense.
**As an aside, I think Will Smith will have his breakout game this Sunday.
Won't he be facing Jonathan Ogden?
TPSFor my money said:
100% agree, it is a different type of ball game the Ravens play, and I think controlling J. Lewis is the key to beating well as feeding Deuce the rock when we have the ball......
The change of coaching staff has seemed to wake Grant up, and he's really starting to get a good consistency to his game. The chemistry of the team is unreal this season.
Thanks TPS. We out of towners always apreciate local info being passed along. Grant was hurt last year (quad injury) and it hampered his game.
The change of coaching staff has seemed to wake Grant up, and he's really starting to get a good consistency to his game. The chemistry of the team is unreal this season.

Players want a coach will take control and give them whatever is needed to succeed. Haz did neither. I Believe most of our players had forgotten what it was like to have a real coach!

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