Chasing .500 Starts again after week 1 for the third year in a row. (1 Viewer)


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Apr 26, 2006
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Well not the way to start the season for sure.


O-line gave Brees time. Ok, wow, they looked good in pass protection for the majority of the game way different from preseason.. Brees had a monster game.

Cooks, Snead, and Thomas are going to be a dangerous trio in this league.

Ingram had some tough runs today.

Overall offense looked good.....for the most part.

Defense showed some flashes.


Ok, let's get it out of the way....the phantom PI call is still making me mad. That was game plain and simple.

Defense still has to play better than it did. When Breaux went out we were toast. Gambled with going in this game with no other veteran DB and we lost. I bet Finnegan is back tomorrow, and unfortunately Breaux will probably go on IR. I don't see a 6-8 week injury and the Saints holding his roster spot open.

A QB option play with Drew Brees? What the heck? That was a poor play call down inside the five on 3rd down.

Calling for the 52 yd FG attempt when we should have punted. Another bad call.

Murphy kick returning. I like Murphy but Sean even pointed out the poor return on the final one. If he cuts it to the outside instead of running right into a pile, maybe he gets an extra 10-15 yards on that return. I can see him being cut this week.

No QB pressure AT ALL. Inexcusable. No turnovers....we have seen this movie before.

Giving up the 75 yd TD run.....inexcusable as well. You cant give that up.

Giving up two 2 pt conversions in a row....nope can't let that happen either.

One play doesn't usually win or a lose a game....except in this one it did. The phantom PI lost the game for us. That was a momentum play that catapults us to a win, even playing poorly, and gives momentum going to NYC next week.

Instead, we pull defeat out of the jaws of victory and start another season 0-1. Chasing .500 out the gate is not a good thing. We have a young team and any chance to build momentum is what we need. We can pretty much see what kind of team we have...what kind of heart and grit we have next week.

I don't want to see a team that by the end of September the season is over.

I for one did not have any expectations this season. I quit reading camp reports two years ago to hear about camp beasts who end up looking like silly putty tats during the season.

Gonna watch and root for them every week like always, and hope for the best.

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