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Aug 1, 2002
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Pflugerville, TX
Does anyone else have that thing where cilantro is the devil?
I would think with all of the gene splicing and stem cells and global warming we could figure out a way to make it taste normal for everyone.
Stupid scientists always working on something dumb instead of my thing.
I’m a low dose cilantro person - would not miss it, if it was taken out of recipes
when I lived in tx I grew it one season in my herb garden, but the oil from the plant just on everything and the smell just lingers, it took me awhile before I was ok with it again
I love cilantro. If you don't, you're wrong.

That's the thing though, for you it probably tastes good. I have the defect where it tastes awful. Surely they can grow a strain where it tastes the same to me as it does for you.
I love cilantro. If you don't, you're wrong.
You and I could hang .. out in the produce section sniffing the fresh cilantro. Is that weird?

OMG, I love cilantro. My middle sister doesn't. Confirming my long held belief that Mom brought the wrong baby home from the hospital which would explain so much.
I had a Mexican girlfriend who was trying to turn me on to cilantro. I’d say, I don’t like it. “How can you not like it, it hardly has any taste”

“well then why do I have to eat it?”

she succeeded however and now I freaking love it. To me it gives everything a crisp taste. I like it equally in Latin cuisine and Asian cuisine.
And to be clear, I am not a picky eater. The only vegetables I just can't stand (that I know of) are cilantro and not a big fan of raw celery.

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