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Apr 28, 2005
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Ponchatoula, Louisiana
Just ask Charles Grant.

If things had turned out differently, we'd be talking about how your tackle was the big defensive play of the game, but there were just not enough of those big defensive plays today.

If we stop one of those series, we win the football game. I can't fault anybody. It's a team and all we've got to do is stay together, stay focused, go back to the office tomorrow, look and see how we can get better and focus on Cincinnati.

You need to obviously create more turnovers. Did you tell yourself to create more turnovers?

You can' create turnovers. When they happen, they happen. You've got to get the ball back. The thing is, we can't have long runs. We can't give up big runs like that. The turnovers, they were seven for 12 on third down. We've got to convert more. Even though they were keeping eight men in the box, they were still seven for 12. So you've got to adjust to that. Our defensive staff and offensive coordinator will do a great job of that next week. Overall, up in the front, we've all got to go back to the office and watch ourselves to see how we play collectively and match up against Cincinnati. It's a must win for us when we play Cincinnati.
Even though I don't see it as a must-win (from another thread) I think we'd all agree that we want the players to have the attitude every week that each game is a must-win.
This IS a must win. The division is getting too close for my comfort. More than the win, the turnovers have to come down and HENDERSON/HORN needs to get back on the field. Copper had a horrible game.
Copper had a horrible game.

Horrible? Nah. I think he played pretty well overall. As has been pointed out, he came off the bench and in his first extensive game action at WR, turned in a nice performance against a pretty good defense. Just had the most untimely of tough breaks at the end.
oh come on, copper had a great game until the fumble.
This game is big just like Tampa was big last week. Any time you come off of a loss, you need to get your team back on track. This team has shown so much heart, so I'm not too worried about them being ready to play.

The Bengals had a heart-breaking loss too, but there is some question about that team's character. They're now 3 games behind in their division so you have wonder how they'll respond.
I really dont see where copper had a horrible game he had 92 yards receiving and a touchdown. I think thats pretty good for our 4th WR. Now i believe this is a must win game because so far after the first 3 games we are 3 - 3. We need to get back over 500 and stop trying to flirt with it. Last week i was worried about home-field advantage and a bye week. All i am worried about now is getting into the playoffs. We dont need a bye and home field to be a very very dangerous team in the playoffs. This team has the ability to be great. We just need to get these injuries out of the way. Horn needs to play next week. Cincy's defense isnt what its all cracked out to be, but are defense isnt either. This week we go against a team that had alot of problems this year already. We need to exploit their secondary just like we did to pitts. We need to blitz Palmer and make him make quick reads and that usually ends up in mistakes and turnovers. We have to get turnovers or atleast be 0 in the turnover margin to win this game. They have a high powered offense but is it any better then ours? I dont think so. Is their defense better then ours? maybe. This is a must win because with Atlanta seeming like they are melting down we need to go for the juggular in the division not let them stay close.
I agree with you David, i thought he did pretty good for the same reasons and yes it was VERY untimely but things like that happen sometimes.
copper may have played decent, but i do not care who you are. when you have 2 HUGE drops and a game ending fumble...thats a bad game.

but i do not blame him. i blame coaching. what do you expect when you play a guy for basically the first time all year. he is going to have mistakes.

he showed some promise, but i would give anything to have henderson, horn, and colston....

copper needs to play special teams only.
Henderson did play yesterday. I guess he just couldn't get open. If you're open Brees will find you no matter who you are. But I agree that we need to have Horn come back as soon as he can.
Must win game. We have 2 of the last 3 games. I refuse to believe the prognosticators about this club. The officials however are not there to help us. I must have counted 15 non-called holds at critical times. How can you have a defensive player by the back of the jersey and not get called. Steeler homie refs. We just have to play above everyone else to get the W's. Damn the public recognition, get some wins!!!! Geaux Saints.
I thnk his demise in Dallas was the inconsistency. His speed and size keeps him on the team. With that said I was very surprised he made that first TD catch. I thought Brees should have ran that ball instead of risking a drop.

Copper appears to have weak arms and hands. The drop before the fumble he caught but the defender hit his hand on the way down and the ball came out. The fumble was not caused by a hard it but a hand that grabbed his arm.
A must win!!!!

Yes that is right, a must win this sunday in the dome. I can't agree more more with Charles Grant!! This game against the bengals is a must win!

We all know we should have won against the steelers but we beat ourselves. How many of you had a mess up monday like myself. UGH!! That was our game! Dudes I've never cursed so much in my life and I swaer the first thing I said this moring when I woke up and was still half alseep was, we should have fing won!

Look fellas and ladies, this sunday is a must win game, we have to come in the dome and blow the freaking roof off, no if, ands, and buts, about it, we have to make our neighbor deaf this game. The who deys(imposters) are gonna try with all their might to win this game. Lets not let that great defence of the dome patrol days be let down(the who dats). This is a must win game.

Face it, with this recent lost we are now in the middle of the pack. We should not be there, this team is way better than that. 6-3 and 7-2 are worlds apart in football. If we lose next week we will be 6-4, now who in here wants to be 6-4 no me not you!!! We should be two games up in the division, we can't fall behind anymore, lets show the Saints what we are made of, make some ****ing noise, and send the kittens back home with horrible loss!!!! I want us out in droves next week and I know we will do it!!

This is a must WIN!!!!!!!!
if we lose, then we are on a 1-3 run, as in lost 3/4..yeah i'd say it's a must win

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